Let start



Dear Diary,

At the outset, I want to explain that in my blog I use nick names not to protect myself but others.

I’m not ashamed of my past and everyday life but some people surely would like to stay anonymous. Some of you may find out who I am or who I talk about remember about privacy and respect.


I call myself Kay. Kay is always ok!
I dedicate my blog to a wonderful person, who has a special place in my life and heart, my an amazing daughter Jay. She is always the light in my tunnel. Thanks to her I’m around and still smiling! This what I do the best. I love to smile. I always did even in difficult moments of my life. I think that a smile melts barriers and makes life much easier. But certainly we cannot break through every barrier. Not everyone will smile back.
I hope to be posting in two languages but surly will easier to use translator. I’m sure you probably noticed at that stage that English is not my first language so please forgive my grammar mistakes. I try my best but I’m in between two different world’s . English is closer to my heart but still it is a language barrier that I can’t break with smile. All I have to do is to keep studying and writing and hope that with time I will improve. My first language is Polish but I can’t write it on it either 🤣


I left school a long time ago and believe me I don’t miss it at all. I was always the one who use to keep a diary and write poems but kept them all to myself. I never shared them with anyone. When I noticed that my mum had read them, I stopped writing.
I was reared in the 80’s. Communism time. I went to school where I lost my individuality so didn’t have chance to show my personality. I’m not sorry because that’s why I am who I am right now.
I will tell you soon story about all that.


Actually there are lots of different things I want to share with you but I think the best way would be to give you a short (or not too short) view on my life. You will have a clear picture of what I’m talking about it when I come back and forward with my thoughts. Some of ye will like that, some of ye will criticise it but that’s ok 😉

I would like to hear what your thoughts are about it. That will allow me to reflect on things. I hope you will be able to understand and accept that this is my personal stuff and I don’t want anyone to copy this and paste it anywhere else. Please respect my property. Remember that respect to others is most important thing but in today’s world, lots of people just forget about it. It is so sad.

Love Kay ❤️ xx

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