Nicely done


Dear Diary,

Early morning… like every Saturday.
I got my hair washed and I decided to dressed nice. I wore heels.
Top from Penneys, shoes from Penneys and jeans from Top Shop. I also got last day nice lacey bra(orange colour) in TkMaxx so I wore it.

My recent thing is that if I make effort then I feel better and have more effective day.
I had busy but lovely day.

Sun was shining all day. That make me and I’m sure everyone else have a great humor.

I’m on the couch right now πŸ™‚ relaxing…
I hope for nice day tomorrow. I would love to sit down in my garden.
I’m going to bed very soon πŸ™‚ May is running longer distance tomorrow so both of us will cuddle and fall a sleep.
Nite nite.

Love Kay ❀  xx

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