Evening walk


Dear Diary,

As usuall my work suck me in for last few days but this evening I got to finish earlier than normal.  I didn’t know what to do… I was going to clean and tidy up the house but I went for a walk instead.

Evening was so lovely. Sun was still high, I listen to the birds. Their voice make me so calm. On my second lap around the lake I listen to my favorite Ed Sheran.

After walk went to get Jay, she had scouts today. While I was waiting to pick her up I did few pictures and few selfies. That’s because I was bored.

I hope I get more of days like today.
Nice finish of to the day… Sitting and watching series GirlBoss..

All movie and especially main girl is mad, funny and very unexpended. I really like those kind of films. Easy to watch.

Going to bed now.

Ps. My favorite beauty terapist is back I went to her today. She is just back from her maternity. I got my brows done and finally I got my fist laser session done on my pigmentation. I hope that will help me to get my confidents back. This bother me as much as my spots. I talk about this again.

Love Kay ❤️ Xx

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